I don’t have much to write about, but I thought I would post a bunch of pictures Mike & I have taken recently.  Our time on the ice is running short – we are scheduled to depart for New Zealand in 2 weeks on February 19th.

Above & below:  Emperor penguin on the Ross Ice Shelf.  White Island behind.

Above: 6 LC-130 Hercules       Below:  4 twin otters and 1 DC-3

Above:  The container ship  American Tern arriving at McMurdo.  Notice the blow spout from a whale in the foreground.  Mt. Lister in background.

Below:  Unloading containers.

Above:  The ice edge about 6 miles from McMurdo Station

Below:  Ice chunk off Hut Point

Above:  The bearded brother with Mt. Erebus in the background.

Below:  Just another beautiful day in paradise.


2 Responses to “Pictures”

  1. Jon Couch Says:

    I may be interested in using the picture of the arrival of the American Tern for a brochure for our ocean engineering program. Do you have the rights to that photo? Have you put it in the public domain or would you be willing to release it for our use? Thanks!

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