BBC’s Frozen Planet

Sunday, October 18, 2009

No flights were scheduled today, so Mike & I had the day off.  It was overcast and windy this morning.  Mike did laundry and I laid around and watched college football.  (Stateside Saturday is our Sunday).

After lunch we noticed that the sun was starting to break through and the wind was calm. It was time to get out and explore a little bit.  We decided to walk over to the New Zealanders Antarctic base (Scott Base) here on Ross Island.  It is about 2 miles to Scott from McMurdo.  We got some nice views of the Ross Ice Shelf and Mounts Erebus & Terror.

The Sunday Night Science Lecture was hosted by Dr. Chadden Hunter.  He is a member of the BBC’s Natural History Unit.  They are the group that filmed and produced the Planet Earth series that was broadcast by the Discovery Channel.  Currently, the same group is working on a 7 part TV series called Frozen Planet “The Ultimate Challenge of the Polar Regions.” The series will cover both the north and south poles and most likely air in 2011.  Sir David Attenborough will be the narrator.

We got to see some film footage and learned about some of the BBC’s  gee-whiz camera equipment.  The  cinematography is going to be spectacular.  They will be in and out of McMurdo through February.  The film crews will be filming throughout the continent.


Above:  A picture of Mike, with Scott Base (green buildings) and Ross ice shelf in the background.

PICT0756Above:  Mount Erebus (an active volcano) taken near Scott Base


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