Observation Hill

October 14, 2009

Today was beautiful with little wind.  The temperature was about 10 degrees.  Since the wind wasn’t bad, I decided to climb Observation Hill, which is on the edge of town.  Mike had an evening shift so I went with another controller we work with.  I would guess it was about a 45 minute hike from our dorm to the top.

On the top of observation hill is cross that was erected in 1912 to honor Scott, Wilson, Bowers, Oates and Evans (the members of Scott’s team that died returning from the south pole).   It was hauled up there and erected by some of the survivors of the expedition.

From the top of Ob. Hill we had a beautiful view of Mount Erebus.  Erebus is the southern most active volcano.  In the picture below you can see some steam coming out the top.  We can’t see Erebus from town – it is blocked by a hill.   Apparently the view of Erebus is good from Ice Runway and the control tower.  They just opened Ice Runway today and I haven’t been out there yet (I’ve been working in town at the center).  While on the top of Ob. Hill, we also got to watch the C-17 depart Ice Runway for New Zealand.

The pictures below are of:

1)    Sun, setting behind the Royal Society range from behind our dorm.

2)    Observation Hill and cross.

3)    Mount Erebus from the top of Ob. Hill

4)    Me, in front of the cross on Ob. Hill


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