Scott’s Discovery Hut

October 10, 2009

Today’s C-17 flight from New Zealand was cancelled due to unstable weather, as were the helicopter flights.  We are supposed to get some nasty weather here tomorrow – visibility 1/2 mile or less and wind gusts to 70 mph.  The clouds will keep the warm air from escaping so we should get the warmest temperatures we’ve seen.  I think the high is supposed to be around 14 degrees.

I had the opportunity to walk over to Hut Point and visit Scott’s Discovery Hut.  It was built during his expedition here in 1901.  Scott used the hut again during his 1910–1914 expedition. Shackleton made use of it for his expeditions in 1908 and 1917.

Frost prevented me from seeing much through the windows, but I’ve been told that parts of a dead seal are still present (they used seal blubber for heat).  Very little decay takes place due to the extreme dry atmosphere and the cold temperatures.

Tomorrow we get the day off, due to the bad weather.  I plan on attending a lecture about some research they are doing down here concerning the planet Mars.  They are also doing some guided tours around the science labs.

I will try to attach a couple photos.

1)    Scott’s Discovery Hut

2)    Frozen sea ice off Hut PointPICT0743PICT0750

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